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EJP www logo designed by PKP

Recently, I have spent some time with Krzysztof Burdzy writing a $\LaTeX$ document class for the periodicals Electronic Journal of Probability (EJP) and Electronic Communications in Probability (ECP). This document class is named ejpecp. The latest version is available on the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN). It will serve starting from January 2012, together with a new editorial board and a new website. EJP and ECP are peer reviewed free access electronic periodicals publishing mathematical research articles in Probability Theory. They are sponsored by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) and the Bernoulli Society. They share the same editorial board, with distinct Editor in Chief. They use the Open Journal System (OJS) free software developed by the non-profit organization Public Knowledge Project (PKP).

ECP www logo by PKP

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