Journées Statistiques du Sud 2008
Toulouse, June 16-18 2008


The Journées Statistiques du Sud are a new series of workshops taking place in the sunny cities of Barcelona, Marseille, Montpellier, Nice and Toulouse. Centered on mini-courses and talks given by outstanding researchers, these workshops aim at providing a stimulating forum for exchanging ideas and learning about the latest developments on selected topics of intensive research in statistics. The 2007 edition took place in Nice.

The 2008 edition of Journées Statistiques du Sud took place at the INSA of Toulouse located near the Université Paul Sabatier Campus.

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Speakers & Program

The topics of the 2008 edition were Statistics in High Dimensions and Statistics and Information Theory.

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Invited talks

Scientific & Organizing committees

Scientific committee

Y. Baraud (Nice), G. Biau (Paris 6), L. Cavalier (Aix-Marseille), B. Laurent-Bonneau (Toulouse), J.-M. Loubes (Toulouse), G. Lugosi (Barcelona).

Organizing committee

D. Chafaï, B. Laurent-Bonneau, M. Lerasle, J.-M. Loubes. Administration: P. Jarry (INSATransfert-SAIC).



List of participants

Conference web page, poster, and PDF program by D. Chafaï. The poster is based on the 2007 Edition poster by Ch. Giraud.